Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our first post from San Francisco!

Wow, so much has happened since the last post, get your Slurpee and sit down for a long one! =) (I couldn't resist mentioning the Slurpee since they are my most favorite drink ever, and I've been deprived of them since we moved from Bend in 2003!!)

So, where to begin. The boys had their 1st birthday on May 8th!! We had an awesome party for them the weekend before we moved. We had an incredible outdoor party planned at the park, but the only day of the year that it rains in Durango of course happened on that day so we moved the festivities inside. We setup a bounce house and had a great time. Some of our closest friends came and made it such a special time! As you can see from the pictures, the boys enjoyed their cake and were blessed by so many people who love them.

Then, May 4th, we made the move to San Francisco!! It has proved to be exciting, stressful, exhilarating, tiring, joyful, adventurous, and every other emotion you can imagine all at once! The last week in Durango, it really hit me that not only were we getting ready to take on the most incredible adventure of our lives, but we were also leaving the most incredible friendships you could ever imagine. We are so humbled to be able to have experienced the outpouring of love we received from our dear friends in Durango. They are sorely missed already, but we can't wait to host them for a visit in San Francisco! As you can see from the pictures taken when we were packing the moving truck, there was an incredible group of people sending us off!

Since we have been in San Francisco, our days have been jam packed with activity getting ready for the church launch on June 28th. Seth has been working so hard and I am so proud of him! The kids are adjusting more each day.

The boys have become little people now and are much more active. They are walking all over with the help of their walker. Levi seems to be more in to books and hanging out with mommy while Ian is very physical and loves playing with Ella. Just the other day I was in the kitchen and heard the dreadful high pitched scream. I frantically ran out to the living room to find that Ian had pinned Levi down on all fours, and both were engaged in the battle of the ages over a toy. I had front row seats to a WWF match between my one year olds! Sad, but I have to admit was quite comical when I realized that it was only a preview of the rest of their childhood! =)

Ella loves being a big sister and is a great third and fourth pair of eyes. I never have to wonder if the boys are getting in to mischief as she is always quick to report any wrong doing. She is the most adorable 2 year old you have ever seen as has the most sensitive spirit about her. She frequently asks about how random people are doing, she gets very upset when people are sad or hurt, and loves to pray for people as needs come to her attention. I can't wait to see how God uses this gifting as she grows up. We are very excited for her to start preschool, I know she will blossom and discover so many new things!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and we would love to hear from all of you!


Levi & Ian swinging.

Ella & Kate swinging.

Grandpa Darrell (Baba) & Levi on the boys first birthday!

Levi & Ian at their first birthday party.

Ashley & Ella - Ashley packed Ella her own special backpack for the long trip to Durango.
They were special friends and Ella adored Ashley!!

Ashley, Lacey & Levi -
These are the two most incredible babysitters in Durango!!

Grandma Barb & Ian

The boys first birthday party!

Birthday Cake!

Levi's first cake experience!

Ian's first bite of cake!

Ian, Levi & Sadie

The Men! (Adam, Mark, Seth, Dwight & Benjie)
This was the staff at our church in Durango

The Ladies(Linn, Kristin, Megan, Jill, Maria & Kelly)
The wives' and awesome church admin asst!

Lily, Ella, Kate & Elizabeth

Our incredible church family in Durango!

Grandpa Darrell & Levi

Ian sporting his shades.

Levi getting ready for the summer!

Mr. Ian Waters

Mr. Levi Waters

Seth & Maria at a jazz show in San Fran!

Ella and Mommy in front of the Bay in our new home, South San Francisco.

Daddy & Ella

Daddy & Ella looking for crabs.


Blogger Jill said...

Oh yeah!!!!! You posted! I love it! The pictures are awesome. I hadn't seen the ones of the church staff yet. They're great. I may have to steal them... so glad to hear and see how things are going. Love you guys!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

I LOVE the picture of the pyramid ladies...and I miss you!!

1:01 PM  

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